Automotive industry

Automotive industry

The automotive sector is one of the largest industries in Germany. Reliability, durability and process reliability are paramount. The cleaning quality has a direct influence on the product quality, so that no compromises may be made here. In addition to ultrasonic cleaning, decoating devices are also used here.

Areas of application

In the automotive industry our ultrasonic cleaning units as well as decoating units are used. The systems are manufactured for both small and large parts.

Automotive industry_Background
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Crankshafts
  • Repaired and reconditioned parts
  • Injection nozzles
  • Bearing shells
  • Car wheels
  • Moulded parts
  • Components for battery production
  • Fine cleaning of components before assembly

Types of cleaning

The cleaning of the products is reliable and removes any kind of contamination. In the automotive industry, primarily manufacturing and consumption residues are removed.

Cleaning areas
  • US Cleaning: Residues of abrasives, lubricants, oils, greases
  • Decoating: before the coating process

Plant specifications

All types of ultrasonic cleaning and decoating equipment are used in the automotive industry. Depending on the requirements and the size of the company, both manual and fully automatic systems are used.

Our technical know-how

The automotive industry has relied on Rational equipment for many years. Our experience is diverse and the devices are usually custom-made according to the respective requirements. 

  1. Multi-stage cleaning
  2. Fine cleaning before coating
  3. Cleaning before assembly
  4. Rinsing, spray rinsing, VE rinsing, RO rinsing
  5. Fabric movement: Oscillation, rotation, swivelling, long stroke for draining, ...
  6. Drying processes with hot air, also incl. HEPA filter, vacuum
  7. Blowing off components with compressed air
  8. Automated cleaning processes
  9. Batch/ RFID recognition
  10. Audit trails
  11. Control via digital controllers or PLC / HMI.
  12. Filtration
  13. Size variable

Our references

Here you can see an overview of our references

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