Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Superfine cleaning


Passivation is a process for creating inert layers on base metals. The state thus achieved is called passivity or passive corrosion; it thus reduces the corrosion of the passivated components. Metals with such a protective film are more resistant to chemicals than they would be in their normal state and can therefore be used in certain processes for a longer period of time. RATIONAL manufactures passivation tanks which can also be integrated into any cleaning process. As with this type of system, individual basins can also be specially adapted to the particular passivation process. If desired, the basins can be extended to include a rotation device or oscillation device.




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After cleaning certain products, it is necessary toincreasetheir shelf life before further use .The preservation process (Lat. conservare) prevents corrosion and stops the physical decomposition of the material. RATIONAL offers basins containing the preserving medium in which the components are immersed. If desired, the basin can be extended with a rotation device so that the liquid penetrates all openings in the components.

It is advisable to clean the products gently and in a time-saving manner before conservation using our ultrasonic units and ultrasonic cleaning systems.