Maintenance / Repair

Maintenance / Repair

Maintenance contracts

When investing in new plant technology, we always recommend concluding a separate maintenance contract. Within the scope of scheduled preventive maintenance, we ensure that your system remains a reliable companion even under heavy use, for example in 3-shift operation. You do not need to worry about anything else. Your system will be thoroughly checked in predefined cycles and important wearing parts will be replaced before the system can break down. Our service team will be happy to provide you with an appropriate offer, tailored to your individual needs.

Spare parts sales

The availability of the cleaning systems is usually a top priority for our customers. Particularly for systems within a machining centre or a production line, it is of elementary importance to keep downtimes as short as possible. Of course, our customers can purchase spare parts for their equipment from us and stock them accordingly. In this way, you avoid possible delivery times for special or customised parts and are able to react proactively to all eventualities. You will always receive a recommendation for the stocking of certain spare parts in good time before the delivery of your cleaning system.

Plant retrofit

A new acquisition is not an option for every company. Existing systems can certainly be repaired or modernised. For this purpose, we evaluate the condition of the system and submit proposals for modernisation. These include new and more powerful ultrasonic transducers, an upgrade of the software used or even the classic replacement of faulty or damaged parts. In this way, the service life of existing systems can be increased and adapted to the desired requirements. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of ultrasonic cleaning technology, we can quickly identify problems and offer you a comprehensive and holistic solution.