At RATIONAL we build on a strong foundation consisting of the expertise of our employees, our clever technical solutions and our shared understanding of values. With the help of our mission statement, we strive together for a culture characterised by a willingness to perform, team spirit and the will to succeed, in which everyone contributes their best possible performance. All team members know how their actions contribute to the overall success of RATIONAL.


Our team is the key to success. When making personnel decisions, we prefer internal solutions to external ones if the qualifications and expertise are comparable.

We pursue the highest possible goals, within the framework of our group of companies self-determined, financially sound and sustainable.

The demands of our customers are our motivation. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied. We live service and appreciation.

Our strengths

We want to constantly improve on our own initiative. We are not satisfied with mediocrity.

Critical faculties
We always take criticism positively. It gives us the opportunity to become better.

Hanseatic merchant community
We keep our word, are reliable, friendly and respectful towards colleagues and all stakeholders of our company. We are courageous, make decisions and take responsibility.

We communicate openly, clearly and proactively. A good flow of information is the basis of our success. We handle both internal and external information with care.

Advantages for employees

We promote and challenge our employees according to their individual abilities and goals.

Anyone who takes responsibility makes mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes, but we want to learn from them quickly and draw the right conclusions.

We adhere to defined processes and communication structures according to our QM system. This gives us security and a reliable basis for planning.

We approach all people and situations with the attitude formulated in this mission statement and always live up to our social responsibility. We are a cosmopolitan company that clearly opposes any form of discrimination, violence and extremism.