Medical Technology

Medical Technology

The medical industry is one of the industries with the highest standards in cleaning. Here, reliability, durability and process safety are just as much a matter of course for us as the familiarity of GMP and quality assurance. The cleaning quality has a direct influence on the product quality, so that no compromises may be made here.

Areas of application

Many of our ultrasonic cleaning devices are used in medical technology. In particular, small devices are cleaned. 

Medical Technology_Background
  • Implants
  • Medical instruments
  • Surgical tools
  • Syringes
  • Cannula
  • Medical components
  • Air filter
  • (animal cages)

Types of cleaning

The cleaning of the products is reliable and removes all kinds of contaminants. In the medical industry, primarily residues are removed.

Cleaning areas
  • Residues after grinding, polishing etc.
  • Blood
  • Urine Residue
  • Feces residue
  • Lime deposits
  • Accumulating dirt in ventilation systems

Plant specifications

All types of our devices are used in medical technology. Depending on the requirements and the size of the company, both table-top devices and fully automatic systems are used.

Our technical know-how

Our experience in medical technology is diverse and is based on the respective requirements. This also applies to the construction of cleanroom-compatible systems and documentation in accordance with GMP requirements. Thus, we are very familiar with the medical technology sector and its hygiene regulations.

  1. Electropolished tubs
  2. Multi-stage cleaning
  3. Superfine cleaning
  4. Cleaning of blind holes, complex geometries
  5. Rinsing, VE rinsing, RO rinsing
  6. Fabric movement: Oscillation, rotation long stroke for dripping
  7. Drying processes with hot air, also including HEPA filter, vacuum and infrared
  8. Automated cleaning processes
  9. Batch/ RFID recognition
  10. Audit trails

Our references

Here you can see an overview of our references

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