Individual devices

The manufacture of cleaning equipment is our core competence. We distinguish according to different types of equipment. From the small tabletop device to the large-scale plant, we can offer you everything.

On the one hand, single devices are used which can be extended by combination to a cleaning system and, on the other hand, extensive and individual special solutions which are developed especially for customers.

Our quality features apply to all units:
- All tanks are made of high-quality stainless steel
- Welded design: tank with all-round surge rim, completely pickled
- Tank with return filtration, drain, inlet and overflow edge
- Tank with dry-running protection for heating and ultrasonics
- Bottom sound and/or 1 and/or 2-side sound possible
- Maintenance-friendly installation of components (heating, dry-running sensor, temperature sensor)
- Numerous extensions possible

Desktop devices

Table-top units are suitable for use in cleaning small parts. The compact design allows the devices to be placed on tables or corresponding shelves. They are primarily suitable for small volumes. They are mainly used in precision mechanics, the pharmaceutical industry or for sterile cleaning of medical equipment.

Single unit
Table device

The USC table-top units are a space-saving solution that you can use directly at your workplace without having to leave the room. The units can be equipped with side and floor baffles. The basins are usually deep-drawn and are supplied in welded design for special sizes.

Advantages of the table-top units:
- Low space requirement
- Fast and gentle ultrasonic cleaning of small parts
- Available volumes: 12, 24 and 40 litres
- Robust and easy to maintain
- No instruction necessary
- Cost-efficient
- Combination with several basins possible
- On request also ground, e-polished

Combined single units

Our individual units can be combined in any way to create a network with several stations for your needs. For simple jobs, our combined single units are a good alternative, as they require neither automation nor complex control. This makes them very cost-efficient. Due to the uniform design, subsequent modifications are possible.

Single unit
Single unit

Complete cleaning system

This example system is a combination of individual units and consists of 7 different elements. This results in a total external dimension of 8000 x 300 x 2100 mm.

In addition to the classic connecting pieces of frame, table top and cladding, various trays are used here. In addition, a side-mounted control cabinet with operating elements on its front is integrated into the frame for protection purposes.

- intake
- US cleaning sink
- US sink
- immersion sink
- blow-off station
- dryer
- delivery

Large-scale equipment

Our large devices are designed for the cleaning of large parts, which can weigh several tons. These are primarily individual devices that are manufactured according to individual customer requirements. This is mainly due to the respective space requirement, which varies greatly depending on the design.

Do you also have industrial cleaning needs for your large equipment? Feel free to contact us at any time and let's talk about a solution.

Individual devices
Individual devices

Ship engine cleaning

The cleaning system is designed for cleaning large parts of marine engines in worldwide use. The ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with filtration and oil separation, which ensures an increased service life of the cleaning fluid.

The lid of the large unit can be conveniently opened with a cable winch. This ensures an economically efficient design.

Single unit2
Single unit

Heat exchanger cleaning

The cleaning system for heat exchangers is designed for up to 30t weight. We also offer a mobile version that can be stowed in 3 ISO standard containers and can thus be used flexibly worldwide.

The system consists of ultrasonic tank with rotating device, diesel generator, heater with storage tank and air-conditioned generator room. The ultrasonic cleaning tank is supplied with heated water via a storage tank. The use of oil separation and filtration significantly increases the useful life of the cleaning liquid and thus actively supports the cleaning process.

  • Large format ultrasonic cleaning
  • Oil heating with storage tank for heating the cleaning liquid
  • Immersible transducers in stainless steel housings
  • Rotation device supports the cleaning of the heat exchangers
  • Overflow gutter to prevent spillage
  • Circumferential platform for quick and safe control
  • Flexible hood to minimize heat loss
  • Use of high-quality sensors and installation components
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